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AF21 (Aura Fulminis 21)

AF21 (Aura Fulminis 21) is a gun that allows you to ingest fragments of the sky and thus become a boiling point, part of the infinite whole that is the universe.

To shoot, you have to follow a protocol: place the stock on your breastbone, aim your image in the little mirror-sight, then when your reflection appears, pull the trigger. The ammunition's content is then administered directly to your mouth.

The electrified air inhaled may alter your perception. But don't worry, this effect is only temporary.

Edition: Unique piece


︎Le regard du temps, ADIAF, Paris, 2021
︎Accrochage, Atelier Basfroi, Paris, 2020
︎AF 21, Galerie Hus, Paris, 2018
︎Co-Mutations, MAGCP, Saint Cirq Lapopie, 2017